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Minutes of Meeting No. 06/17

IDB Retirees Association Board of Directors

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Conference Room: SW-0471 Time 11:00 AM





Approved by short procedure on August 14, 2017

Final Version

Original: Spanish







David Atkinson (18), President (vía Skype)

Patricia Bermúdez (19), Vice President

Rigoberto Ordóñez (18), Secretary (vía telephone)

Jorge Lamas (19), Deputy Secretary

Germán Paraud (18), Treasurer

Alvaro Beca (19), Director (vía Skype)

Laura Bocalandro (19) Director

Guillermo Collich (18), Director

Rodrigo Mayen (19), Director (vía Skype)

Gabriela Vega (18), Director (vía Skype)



María Guadalupe Calderón (19), Deputy Treasurer

Michael Gagnon (18), Director

Marta Calderón (18), Director


1. Verification of Quorum:

Once the quorum was established, the meeting began at 11:15 AM.


2. Approval of the Agenda:

Director Beca requested to include in the Agenda two issues under the Membership and Chapters Committees, and a subject under the Website Committee. President Atkinson asked to add a subject to the Agenda under the Health Insurance Administration Committee. The proposed topics were added and the Agenda was unanimously approved.


3. Registration of Minutes No. 05/17, dated May 24, 2017:

Vice President Bermudez mentioned at the beginning of the meeting that the Minutes had been distributed, would be revised, and submitted to the Board members once some editorial changes were made. President Atkinson asked Directors to send their comments relative to the Minutes and he also called on the Secretary to send the revised Minutes, once the comments to it were received. It was agreed that during the July 5th. week, the Minutes would be subject to approval by short procedure so the 06-17 Minutes would be registered before the next Board meeting. Since no new comments were received, the revised Minutes were distributed and replies and votes of approval from a majority of the Directors, were received. Due to the fact that one of the Directors maintains his disagreement with Minutes 05-17, they will be presented at the July 26, 2017 Board meeting.


4. President’s Report:

The Association’s President shared with the Board that the Florida’s Chapter President had made an invitation directly to the Secretary of the IDB Retirement Fund.


5. Vice President’s Report:

Updating of the Composition of the Board’s Internal Committees: It was expected at this meeting to have a complete list of the Board’s Internal Committees’ members. In view that confirmation of some of the Committees’ members was missing, it was agreed to present the most current list at the July meeting. It was therefore agreed that a partial list that had been circulated at the June meeting, would not be part of the meeting Minutes.


6. Deputy Secretary’s Report:

New Members Registration: The Deputy Secretary reported that between May 24 and June 28, 2017, the Association welcomed three new members: Rosa María Camino, Ana Ramírez Goldin, and Rosa Maria Gamboa Montero. Directors were informed that invitations were sent to 22 retirees, during the past two months, but that they were not yet registered as members. Concerning the issue of membership expansion, Director Mayen reported his underway efforts to form the Honduras and Mexico Chapters. He also reported a meeting with El Salvador Chapter’ President to expand the membership number. President Atkinson asked Director Mayen to inform him about his endeavors to track in Mexico, during the visit that he has scheduled for the second half of the month of July.


7. Cultural, Social, and Welfare Committee’s Report:

a. Ideas about “Branding”. Director Bocalandro mentioned that with regard to achieving the goal of increasing membership, a stop and a reflection on the reasons to be an Association’s member, its purpose, its message, and offerings, and based on that, to draw up a plan to attract new members. She invited Directors to have meetings and devote a few hours to make "brainstorming" and focus on this issue. A suggestion was made to revise the Logo of the Association. Some Directors expressed that before advancing on this subject, the corresponding area of the Bank (EXR) which handles the subject of IDB group image, should be consulted, since in the past they have been involved in the approval of the Association’s Logo.

b. Teen Summer Program. Director Bocalandro told Directors about the "Teen Summer Program" made by the IDB Families Association, in conjunction with their counterparts from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Director Calderon attended an information meeting of the IDB Families Association, where support from retirees to share their experiences with these young people, who are children of employees of the three entities, soon going to enter college, was requested. In view that participants in the program have projects in various areas of interest that the entities operate, Directors were invited on July 12, 2017 to participate as judges in the jury panel for the selection of the final projects.


8. Membership and Chapters Committee Report:

a. Progress on the challenges of the 2017-2018 Plan. Director Beca indicated that the issue of increasing the members’ number, have been given advances that could contribute to that goal. A sheet was included in the package sent by SRP to retirees that are not members, to give the 2017 annual life test, so the retirees authorized SRP to share their basic contact details, with both the Retirees Association and the Health Insurance Revision Committee. Director Beca also indicated that in parallel with the process of the Webpage release, there are facts being considered to make the members register online. According to Director Beca there have been advances in gathering information to create the historic obituary from the published information on the Annual Reports and the quarterly Magazines, since 2009. Also, they are working on a proposal for the incorporation of widows and widowers as members of the Association. The Membership and Chapters Committee is studying several options which will be submitted to the Board for its consideration.

b. Adjustments for inflation for local retirees. Director Beca who asked at the start of the meeting to include this item, made a review and said that although at this time there is a general rule for the annual adjustment, an extra review has been established for exceptional cases, when the inflation rate exceeds 15% within a six month period. Given the complexity of the issue, President Atkinson asked Director Beca that the Membership and Chapters Committee prepare a proposal to present to the Board, which once is discussed, it could be elevated to the competent authority.


9. Webpage Committee Report: Developing Page. In the absence of Director Calderon, Director Beca reported on the talks that the Committee has kept on the progress of the website project's launch. He said that he had access to the development page and the opportunity to observe the progress, but that there is still information that need to be updated. Meetings with the Service Provider continue to take place to complete the work.


10. Health and Life Insurance Program Committee Report: President Atkinson reported that on May 31, 2017, a casual lunch/meeting was held between Isabel Larson, President of the Health and Life Insurance Program Committee, Diego Murguiondo HRD/COB, Kurt Focke VPF/SRP, Luis Rubio representing a group of retirees interested on the subject, and representing the Retirees Association, David Atkinson, Michael Gagnon, and Patricia Bermudez, with the purpose of exchanging ideas about our program of health benefits and the measures contemplated to face its challenges. We consider positive the outcome of such discussions. In this regard, it should be noted that, at the end of June, the HRD published the 2016 audited Financial Statements of the Health and Life Insurance Program, as well as the March 2017, unaudited Financial Statements. The HRD has informed that it has adopted as a practice, the timely publication of Financial Statements (including quarterly publication of unaudited Statements); a measure that represents a breakthrough that deserves the Association’s applause.


11. Other Matters:

a. Date of the next Board Meeting: It was agreed that the next Board meeting would be held on Wednesday, July 26, 2017.


b. Date of the Next Monthly Luncheon: It was agreed to hold the July monthly luncheon on Thursday, July 27, 2017.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM.