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How Our Medical Benefits Program Pays for Your Healthcare





You’ve heard us say it before: Our Medical Benefits Program is self‑insured. This means the IDB Group pays directly for all healthcare claims – yours and your covered family members’. There’s no insurance company picking up the tab or assuming any risk!


Here’s how self-insuring works:



If claims rise to an unaffordable level, we might need to increase contributions or find a more cost-effective way to provide benefits (such as raising copays and deductibles).


      Watch a short, informational video about self-insuring and our program


What Can You Do?


We’ll be sharing many tips over the coming months, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

Example: Marcelo’s 2017 Health Resolutions

For 2017, Marcelo made a number of resolutions to take better care of his health. Every day, he can choose actions that lead him down a wise or wasteful path:




We Want to Hear from You!

Send us your questions and feedback to hrd/ins@iadb.org or call us at ext. 3090.


Keep an eye on the HRD website. We’ll be posting newsletters with more information and tips to share with your family members.



Best wishes,

Claudia Bock-Valotta
General Manager
Human Resources Department