CIGNA HealthCare and Vanbreda International provide administrative services for IDB Staff and Retirees, in connection with the IDB self-funded Insurance Program. The Insurance Program includes Medical, Prescription Drug, Vision and Dental plans. 


CIGNA HealthCare

(International Staff & Retirees in the US)

Vanbreda International
(National Staff, and International Staff &
Retirees outside the US)

  • Home page: www.mycigna.com

  • Call: 1.855.511.6371   (new and dedicated phone number for IDB plan members only)   
  • For prescriptions home delivery call: 1.800.285.4812



CIGNA Representatives inside the Bank

Room: NW-456

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 9:30 am. to 4:30 pm (hours can vary on a monthly basis; please check with Retirees office)




 Email: iadb@vanbreda.com (For IDB plan members only)


Medical Claims address:

Cigna HealthCare – Medical
P.O. Box 188060
Chattanooga, TN 37422


Dental Claims address:
Cigna HealthCare – Dental
P.O. Box 188037
Chattanooga, TN 37422


Pharmacy: 1.800.285.4812

Medical and Dental Claims Address:


Vanbreda International
P.O. Box 260790
Miami, FL, 33126


Physical Address for Overnight Delivery:

Vanbreda International
701 Waterford Way
4th Floor, Suite #425
Miami, FL, 33126


Insurance Benefits Office: Call:1.202.623.3137; email: HRD/INS@iadb.org

Raquel Lopez (NW-463): Call: 1.202.623.1637; email: raquell@iadb.org

Carmen Sanabria (NW-465) -Vanbreda and Medicare: Call: 1.202.623.3137; email: mariadcs@iadb.org

Marcelo Wright (NW-434): Call: 1.202.623.2635; email: marcelow@iadb.org