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List of Minutes

September 2nd, 2010

Members Present: Helmuth Carl, Roberto Iunes, and Alejandra Vallejo
Secretariat: Sergio del Barco, and Michael Gagnon

The following agenda items were discussed.

1. Committee Minutes
Committee minutes for the July 16th/10, July 22nd/10, July 27th/10, and August 12th/10 meetings were approved.

2. RFP Update
The ET will meet one more time on 09/13/2010 to finalize the ranking process. The RFP ET Report should be available for next Committee meeting as planned.

3. Annual Report
The Secretariat informed that documentation needed to work on the annual report is being gathered, and asked the Committee regarding a previous process followed to prepare and present the report. The Committee Chair and Mr. Carl explained that according to past experience, the report is prepared based on financial statements and following the template of past annual reports. The Committee Chair also suggested creating a Task Force to finalize the report once it is drafted by Mr. Gagnon.

4. Committee Bylaws
The Committee Chair requested Committee members to review the bylaws document sent by the Secretariat, and to prepare comments for discussion.

5. Election of alternate representative for active staff
The Committee Chair asked about the procedure to replace the Committee members who have left or will be leaving the Bank (Mr. Aquino, Mrs. Betancourt and Mrs. Glassman). The Secretariat informed that the Committee practice has been to review the last election results and to invite candidates who didn’t have enough votes to be elected then.

There was a general discussion and the Committee agreed to review this approach in a future meeting to decide if this practice should be used or if a new election process should take place.

6. Others
The Secretariat informed that a new Employee Well Being & Health Benefits (EW&HB) intranet website has been launched, and asked for the Committee’s input on creating a section dedicated to the Committee. The Committee agreed on the idea of including a page with information concerning the Committee and asked the Secretariat to provide Committee members with the link to the new website.

The Committee was also informed about the development of a new intranet site to post retirees’ related information. The site will be linked to one of the current WB&HB intranet sites.
The Committee Chair requested the Secretariat to share the CIGNA Customer Satisfaction survey results in a future meeting agenda. The Secretariat reminded the Committee that the results were shared with the RFP ET and announced that those will be shared after the RFP is closed.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm