Jorge Requena                                      

Nominations Committee  

Nominations Committee


Elections 2017

Elections will be held in April 2017 for the following Board positions that will become vacant:


                Vice President                    selected for a two-year term

                Deputy Secretary               selected for a two-year term

                Deputy Treasurer               selected for a two-year term

                Directors                             three, selected for a two-year term


Members of the Nominations Committee:


Director: Alfredo Garc√≠a 


 Members: Alicia Ritchie, Jorge Requena, Margarita Ryan and Marilia Mirza.  

In accordance with the Voting Regulations, Section B, Article 5, the Committee will select at least two (2) candidates for each executive position to be filled.  According to the Association¬īs By-Laws Article 6 (b) (i), polling shall begin no less than sixty (60) days prior to the date of the elections.

Email addresses of Committee members are as follows: 

Alfredo Garcia                                       agarcia224@aol.com 

Alicia Ritchie                                         aliciaritchie@gmail.com 

Jorge Requena                                      danddryan@gmail.com 

Margarita Ryan                                      jorebla@gmail.com

Marilia Mirza                                          mariliacmirza@gmail.com